A. Daniels Company 

Creating Custom and Prepared Databases for Business


A. Daniels Company, aka ADC creates custom and prepared databases for business since1994.  They are designed to be user friendly and provide you with the vital information you require.  All software runs on all versions of MS Access, therefore you must have a copy of MS Access.  When purchasing please specify your version of MS Access.

Whether you purchase a custom or prepared database you can modify the code yourself or hire someone locally or we can do the work for you.  Below are the different levels of software you can purchase.

All softwares can run on a windows network.  Shared information will allow other employees to work together saving time and money.  Quick access to your information is critical.

Helper Software

This is a prepared software that is the easiest to use and provides basic database functionality.  (read more with screenshots)

Assistant Software

The Assistant Software is the next level up in sophistication. There are many more control buttons that allow for ordering your data that makes it more meaningful.   (read more with screenshots)

Companion Software

This software can be create entirely to your specifications or take one of the prepared software's (above) and modify it to your needs. (read more)